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A.L. Collins - Redworld - A Book Party!

Join our own A.L. Collins as she launches her new new middle grade book Redworld! 

From Kirkus:

"In the year 2335, a 13-year-old Earth girl with Chinese heritage begins a new life on Mars. Just arrived from Earth, Belle Song and her family become farmers on Mars, which has been terraformed to accommodate agriculture. Belle is resilient and refreshingly headstrong, and she finds all manner of trouble and adventure while trying to acclimate to her new world. She meets Lucas, the abrasive bispecies (human/Sulux) boy with light purple skin from the farm next door, and Ta’al, a Nabian girl with even stranger features that are “definitely not human.” The story traces Belle’s adjustment over the course of a year. "

VOYA magazine says, "Middle school students will identify with the conflicts in Belle's journal entries and relish the harrowing adventures...."