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JA Jance - Sins of the Fathers

UPDATE: Added activity for the evening: Beaumont BINGO. With prizes!

We’re excited to host perennial bestselling author J.A. Jance and the release of her latest J.P. Beaumont novel, Sins of the Fathers! We love her work, and you won’t want to miss this chance to meet her and hear her stories in person.


Former Seattle homicide cop J. P. Beaumont is learning to enjoy the new realities of retirement doing morning crossword puzzles by a roaring fireplace; playing frisbee with his new dog; having quiet lunches with his still working wife. But then his past comes calling.

When a long ago acquaintance, Alan Dale, shows up on Beau’s doorstep with a newborn infant in hand and asking for help locating his missing daughter, Beau finds himself faced with an investigation that will turn his own life upside down by dragging his none-too-stellar past onto a roller-coaster ride that may well derail his serene present.It turns out that, even in retirement, murder is still the name of J. P. Beaumont’s game.


J.A. Jance is a New York Times bestselling and award-winning mystery author with more than 20 million books in print. Jance's writing career spans three decades and includes more than fifty books in four different series—Ali Reynolds, J.P. Beaumont, Joanna Brady, and the Walker Family, along with a volume of poetry. Although she was once denied entry into a university level Creative Writing course, she didn't let that stop her from living her dream and becoming a writer. Born in South Dakota and raised in Bisbee, Arizona, she and her husband, Bill, live in Washington State with a pair of miniature dachshunds, Mary and Jojo.

Author photo of J.A. Jance.

Author photo of J.A. Jance.