Want your book in Brick & Mortar Books?

Option 1: If you’d like us to carry your indie-published book, we’ll need you to first confirm three pieces of information: (1) is your book available on Ingram (2) with the regular discount and (3) returnable? If so, please email us at info@brickandmortarbooks.com. Let us know the title, ISBN, genre, any publicity you are doing, and a short paragraph about why your book would sell in our store. If we feel your book will be a hit with our clientele we’ll order directly through one of our wholesalers.

Option 2: Indie Author Night!

We always knew we were opening a store in a literary community—what we didn’t expect was how literary! In our first year we were contacted by over 100 local authors for events and shelf space. In the beginning we brought authors in on consignment, but we quickly learned that wasn’t a sustainable way for us to organize all the books and requests we were receiving. After talking to our bookstore friends we learned the trick… Indie Author Night.  

Our first Indie Author Night was a huge success! We were able to host over a hundred community members to hear a group of indie authors give presentations on their books. We sold more indie books in two hours than we had in six months of having books on consignment… and no authors paid consignment fees!

Our event was such a success that we’re planning on hosting these two-three times a year. If you “Like” or “Follow” us on Facebook you can stay informed for our next Indie Author Night!